VOTE KELLY SMITH & FAITH TYLER for Groton Town Board – November 7th

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Our Vision

To help Groton grow into the future we would like to increase the transparency of our local government and  decrease the burden placed on taxpayers.

We would also like to improve access to fresh food by creating a Farmer’s Market featuring goods from local farms. With the village’s plan of a new emergency services building, there would be potential for a community center/year round farmer’s market in the current fire station. This would also serve as a place for adults young and old to have recreation possibilities.

Our Plan

Groton does not have a history of being inclusive in their government process. We would like to change that dynamic and make communication more open. The best ideas and solutions come from residents, we want to hear them out.

We would like to evaluate the opportunites to share Village and Town services, resulting in lower taxes for all. These are the state’s Guidelines. Here is an article in the Democrat & Chronicle about what they might mean for us.

We need better access to fresh food. A Farmer’s Market would help both residents and area farmers. Here is more info about what it takes to make one. We think this could be a real unifier in our community.

Our Candidates

Kelly Smith

Kelly is a Groton native and is finishing her first term on the Town Board. She has been an active Chair of the Groton recreation committee and serves on the Tompkins County Council of Governments (TCCOG). She has been responsive to concerns raised by voters.

She is currently employed at the Lab of Ornithology and lives on a small farm with her husband and furry friends.

Kelly Smith believes local government should be fair, inclusive, approachable, and transparent.

You can reach her at or call (607) 745-9066

Faith Tyler

Faith stays busy raising her two young boys and recently started  substitute teaching at Groton Central School. Her husband works at CFCU and supports her involvement in politics.

She has been active in the community for the past six years pushing local government to get funding for vital improvements to the village.

Faith is the Chairperson for TCAction’s Policy Council and would like to further Groton’s connection with county organizations.

She grew up in a small farming community in Western NY. She grew up in a farming community that was hit hard by the recession of the 90’s, many people lost their farms, it was devastating to the community. She worries that without migrant labor, increased reliance on buying groceries at big box stores, and climate change our farmers could be in jeopardy here too, especially if another recession hits.

Having recently run for Mayor of Groton she’d like to keep her momentum going and hopes to be a voice at the Town level.

Email her at or call (607) 898-5159

>>>>> Where to vote <<<<<<

Our responses to questions from Rob Montana in the Tompkins Weekly 

“Faith Tyler Wishes to Make Groton Thrive” Read the Article Here 

“Smith Seeks Board Re-Election” Read the Article Here

As of today, Tuesday October 3rd. Here are the results from our survey. Screen Shot 2017-10-03 at 4.33.36 PM 5Take Our Survey

Checks can be made payable to:                                                                                             Groton Democratic Committee 565 Scofield Road, Groton New York 13073

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